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At the heart of your dining table, meticulously nurtured from the soil, are the vibrant Western vegetables of "GONNA DAYS."

"GONNA DAYS" is our inner beauty brand, enhancing your life with a burst of color and health. Our original products, brimming with locally grown fresh Western vegetables, are crafted to support both beauty and well-being.

Sourced primarily from our own farm, these Western vegetables boast not only vivid hues but also pack a nutritional punch with pigment-derived vitamins. At our Chiba Prefecture-based farm, we cultivate these vegetables with a mindful approach, using naturally derived fertilizers like oyster shells and seaweed, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The result? Produce with impeccable texture and rich flavor.

While Western vegetables are often associated with hefty price tags, our one-stop service, covering everything from planting to harvesting and selling, allows us to offer more affordable options. Moreover, our commitment extends to the development of original products, ensuring they are additive-free and enjoyable without reservation. With an unwavering dedication to detail, we strive to create products that undergo rigorous prototyping to deliver an unparalleled experience to your table.

Sales Results

Marche Event Store Openings

In our desire to share the goodness of GONNA DAYS vegetables, we have actively expanded our presence by opening stores at marches and events.
For up to date information on our latest store openings and events, please explore our e-commerce site and follow our updates on Instagram.

Major Store Openings (Please check Instagram for the latest store and event schedule)

  • Hills Marche

  • Marunouchi Gyoko Marche Open-air market

  • Tokyo Produce and Gem Fair

  • Shimokita Three Star Bazaar

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Product Development Achievements

Our commitment to aligning with seasonal harvests has resulted in a diverse product line-up. Using vegetables that we personally cultivate, we pride ourselves on using minimal additives ensuring our dedication to quality and simplicity.

Product List

  • a spicy, all-purpose sauce using peanuts from Chiba prefecture


  • peanuts made into a delicious crispy and sweet snack


  • a healthy blend of parsnip, rooibos and roasted green tea

    「Parsnip Tea」

  • a versatile product that can be enjoyed as a snack or regular dish

    「Cauliflower marinated in oil」

  • Pickled “Star of David”, a signature vegetable, with Rishiri kelp and Ako salt

    「Watashi no pickles」

  • mixed nuts using the Queen of spices, cardamom



  • “Racca Plus +” – Peanuts, dates and beauty ingredients condensed into one! Stick pudding that is easy to eat with one hand
  • “Vegen” – a blend of vegetables processed into a paste using patented technology
  • “Is it Peanuts or Amanatto?” – satisfying & delicious peanuts made into a sweet nutty snack
  • “Parsnip Potage” – a creamy , warm and rich soup using our own grown parsnips

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Media Coverage

  • Veggy September issue - reader gift page
  • Veggy November issue "Try GONNA DAYS's Western vegetables now"
  • Veggy January issue "GONNA DAYS Recipe: Delicious Western Vegetables"
  • Metropolis Autumn Issue Two-page spread
  • Seibu Shinkin Bank "Gift Notebook Vol.4”


  • GONNA DAYS Ogikubo Store

    Address 〒167-0033 3-9-9 Shimizu, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
    TEL 03-6913-7220
    営業時間 11:00 ~ 18:00
    Closed Wednesday *Please check the latest operating days and hours on Instagram
    Access 12 minute walk from "Iogi" Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line
    19 minute walk from "Ogikubo" Station on the JR Chuo Line
    About 7 minutes by bus from Ogikubo Station * Ogikubo Station [North Exit] Kanto Bus (Ogi 10) bound for Shimoikusa Station → get off at Shimizu 2-chome

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