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We Issued Privately-Placed Sports Support Bonds


About the Second Issue of the Privately-Placed Sports Support Bond

Our company issued the Privately-Placed Sports-Support Bond (Usually called Chiba Sports Bond) to the Chiba Bank, Ltd. as an underwriter on October 29th, 2021.

It is the second issue followed by the first issue on May, 2019.



What is Privately-Placed Sports Support Bond?

This “privately-placed sports support bond” utilizes a part of the commission fee, and donates the money to the designated local government, sport team, athletic association, or athletes (supporters’ associations) through the Chiba Bank for the encouragement and development of the future athletes.

For this issuance, we designated the Funabashi Municipal High School’s baseball team to be the recipient.

To be eligible to issue a privately-placed bond, the company is required to be in good financial condition to qualify for the strict  screening standards regarding its financial health and profitability.

We are pleased that our company is evaluated as a superior enterprise with our sound business practices and growth.

Our company continues to improve our financial base to keep up with this evaluation and credibility, and strives to expand the business of real estate selling and buying while engaging in the support of the future athletes.



Outline of the Issue

Total amount of the corporate bond  50,000,000JPY
Issue date of the corporate bond October 29th, 2021
Underwriter  The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
Issue term  Three years
Intended use of the fund  Working capital


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